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LUCID Vision Labs™, Inc. designs and manufactures innovative, compact, high-performance GigE Vision cameras are suited for a wide range of industries and applications such as factory automation, medical, life sciences and logistics

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LUCID Launches Atlas10 camera line featuring 4th Generation Sony Pregius S Sensors over 10GBASE-T PoE

POSTED 08/10/2020

Atlas 10Richmond,  BC,  Canada – LUCID  Vision  Labs,  Inc.,  a  designer  and  manufacturer  of innovative industrial cameras, today announced the series production of the first model of its Atlas10 10GBASE-T camera line featuring the 24.5 MPSony Pregius SIMX530 image sensor.

By combining a fast 10 Gigabit Ethernet PoE interface withthe 4thgeneration Sony Pregius Ssensors, Atlas10 delivers a new level of performance for high speed applications. The first Atlas10 model in productionfeatures the 24.5 MP Sony Pregius S IMX530 global shutter 4/3” CMOS sensor offering up to 51 frames per second at full resolution. LUCID will release two additional Atlas10 models in September 2020 featuringthe 20.4 MP IMX531 running at 61 fps and the 16.2 MP IMX532 CMOS sensor running at 77 fps.

The Pregius S image sensors in Atlas10 utilizes Sony’s proprietary back-illuminated pixel structure which enables a reduction in pixel size to 2.74 μm while still maintaining excellent imaging performance compared to previous generations. Additional sensor functions include dual ADC with built in combination; a short interval shutter function as well as monitor output for exposure period.

“The Atlas10 camera enables the faster speeds of Sony’s 4thgeneration Pregius S image sensors, while providing superior imagequality in a compact camera sizewith a 10 Gigabit Ethernet interface and the convenience of Power over Ethernet,”says Rod Barman, Founder and President at LUCID Vision Labs. “In addition, Atlas10 features Active Sensor Alignment which helps to maximize the optical performance oflarge format sensors and isideal for vision applications that require a high level of camera accuracy.”

All LUCID cameras conform to the GigE Vision 2.0 and GenICam3 standards and are supported by LUCID’s own Arena software development kit. The Arena SDK provides customers with easy access to the latest industry  standards  and  software technology.  The  SDK  supports  Windows,  Linux  64bit  and  Linux  ARM operating systems, and C, C++, C# and Python programming languages.

The first Atlas10 ATX245S model featuring the Sony Pregius S IMX530 is now shipping and available for order. The 20.4 MP and 16.2 MP Atlas10 models will be released in September 2020. For more information, please visit our Atlas10 product page or contact Sales.

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LUCID Vision Labs, Inc. designs and manufactures innovative machine vision cameras and components that  utilize  the  latest  technologies to  deliver  exceptional  value  to  customers.  Our  compact,  high-performance GigE Vision cameras are suited for a wide range of industries and applications such as factory automation, medical, life sciences and logistics. We innovate dynamically to create products that meet the demands of machine vision for Industry 4.0.Our expertise combines deep industry experience with a passion for product quality, technology innovation and customer service excellence. LUCIDVision Labs, Inc. was founded in January 2017 and is located in Richmond, BC, Canadawith local offices in Germany, Japan, China and Taiwan.