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JAI is a manufacturer of high-quality, industrial-grade cameras for the machine vision, transportation, aerospace, medical, scientific, and other markets. JAI’s broad product line features high performance progressive scan CMOS cameras with spatial resolutions up to 45 megapixels.

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JAI introduces the Go-X Series of small industrial cameras backed by a six-year warranty

POSTED 12/09/2020

JAI Go-X SeriesCOPENHAGEN – JAI has introduced the Go-X Series, a new line of small industrial cameras providing extra reliability features, stringent dust screening, a starting price of €289, and a six-year warranty, the longest offered by any camera manufacturer.  

The Go-X Series encompasses a total of 24 different models with a range of resolutions including 2.3, 3.2, 5.0, 8.9, and 12.4 megapixels. Interface options include GigE Vision or USB3 Vision, supporting power-over-the-interface (PoE/PoUSB) or the use of separate power supplies connected via the I/O connector.   

For the image sensors, JAI has selected some of the most popular Sony Pregius CMOS global shutter sensors including monochrome and Bayer color versions at each resolution. For the 3.2 and 5.0-megapixel USB3 Vision models, the Go-X Series lets users choose between the slower versions of the Pregius sensors – IMX265 and IMX264, respectively – or the faster versions – IMX252 and IMX250 – to achieve higher frame rates of up to 74 fps for 5-megapixel resolution or 119 fps for 3.2-megapixel resolution.

With small industrial cameras being utilized more and more in vision systems monitoring critical factory or warehousing operations, JAI has put extra emphasis on the reliability aspects of the Go-X Series. The cameras feature high shock and vibration ratings of 80G and 10G, respectively, and are designed to optimally dissipate heat to avoid breakdowns in typical industrial environments and under non-stop operating conditions.

To build the cameras, JAI is using a manufacturing process which, over the last five years, has experienced a field failure rate of less than 2 cameras per every thousand in operation. Despite this record, JAI has also chosen to double the industry's typical three-year warranty to a full six years to make sure that if any failures do occur they can be handled quickly and efficiently.   

In addition to providing high manufacturing quality, the Go-X Series is designed to provide higher image quality, thanks to a rigorous dust prevention and screening process prior to shipment. This process includes cleanroom assembly, internal seals around the sensor compartment to prevent the migration of dust and other particles from within the camera, and a meticulous screening step to ensure a dust-free optical path. This is performed on all models at no additional cost.   

All Go-X Series models provide a rich set of standard features, including region-of-interest (ROI), image flipping and mirroring, 2x2 decimation, 8/10/12-bit output, blemish compensation and shading correction – plus, advanced features like two different sequencer modes and an automatic level control function (ALC) that lets users define the interactions between auto-gain and auto-shutter operation to minimize noise and optimize apertures in dynamic lighting conditions.

Go-X Series cameras are 29 mm x 29 mm x 51.5 mm and weigh only 62 grams, making them suitable for a wide range of applications, including those involving robotic arms, drones, or other scenarios where continuous motion or portability are key requirements.

Lens mounts are standard C-mounts.

About JAI
JAI is a manufacturer of high quality, industrial-grade cameras for the machine vision, transportation, food & beverage, aerospace, medical and scientific markets.

JAI’s broad product line features high performance progressive scan CMOS cameras with spatial resolutions up to 45 megapixels. It also includes a range of innovative multi-sensor prism-block cameras including both area scan and line scan models.  

Physical interfaces include the Camera Link®, GigE Vision®, CoaXPress, and USB3 Vision high performance digital standards, as well as SFP+ fiber optic transmission.

JAI cameras help improve customer businesses in a variety of ways, whether by improving quality and accuracy, lowering costs, increasing yields, or simply enabling better service. In addition to cameras, JAI’s traffic solutions group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of specialized traffic systems. Solutions are based on JAI-developed hardware and software, which is often integrated with third-party products.