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The Baumer Group is one of the world’s leading experts for high performing sensors and sensor systems in industrial automation. The unrivalled broad product portfolio, measuring precision and smart sensor functionalities provide intelligent solutions for digitalized production. Baumer Optronic GmbH as a subsidiary offers high-performance industrial cameras, smart cameras, vision sensors, and software as well as OEM vision engineering for customized vision components.

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Improved Factor 1 Inductive Sensors

POSTED 11/05/2013

rong>Improved Factor 1 Inductive Sensors Provide Consistent Sensing Distance Across Different Materials

Baumer applies established sensor consistency to new sensors to round out inductive sensor line

Southington, Conn. -- A new line of inductive Factor 1 sensors from Baumer provides the industry's largest sensing distance for high switching frequency sensors, offering solutions to fast-moving processes, more reproducible measurements, and smaller measuring offsets for applications in the Improved Factor 1 Inductive Sensors Provide Consistent Sensing Distance Across Different MaterialsHeavy Vehicle, Oil and Gas, Packaging, Bottling, Food and Beverage, Assembly, and Handling markets. These new products provide nearly identical sensing range for all metals and are an addition to the company’s well-known inductive sensor line, incorporating Baumer's top of the line performance and consistency.

Providing high sensing distance, particularly for aluminum and copper, Baumer's new Factor 1 sensors are also extremely consistent across target materials and provide sensing ranges within extremely tight tolerances of published specifications. Furthermore, the sensing range remains consistent whether the sensors are mounted either non-flush, or flush in aluminum and carbon steel. Baumer's proven inductive sensor design also incorporates technology which yields extremely high repeatability with very small temperature drift and minimal variation in performance from one sensor to another.

To allow for operation when special voltage supplies are used, the Factor 1 line has a voltage supply range from 5 to 36 VDC.  Baumer offers shorter than average sensor housings to allow installation into tight spaces. Finally, the line has been completely developed; PNP, NPN, Normally-Open, Normally-Closed, connector, and cable versions are available, so the line can be immediately specified in any application.

The Baumer Group is an international leading manufacturer and developer of sensors, encoders, measuring instruments and components for automated image-processing. Baumer combines innovative technology and customer-oriented service into intelligent solutions for factory and process automation and offers a uniquely wide range of related products and technologies. With about 2,500 employees and 36 subsidiaries and in 18 countries, the family-owned company is always close to the customer. Industrial clients in many sectors gain vital advantages and measurable added value from the worldwide consistency of Baumer's high quality standards and its considerable innovative potential.

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