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LASER COMPONENTS USA has the ability to offer FLEXPOINT laser modules (at different wavelengths and power) and colorPol dichroic glass polarizers (UV, VIS, and IR range) as single pieces or series production.

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High-Power NIR Laser Diodes for Gesture Control

POSTED 09/20/2017

LASER COMPONENTS High-Power NIR Laser Diodes250 mW Single-Mode Laser Diodes

Bedford, NH: LASER COMPONENTS USA, specialized provider of laser and optoelectronic components in the US and Canada, introduces the new ADL-83Y51TL laser diode, a high-performance, low-cost solution for any application that requires powerful NIR laser diodes with a longitudinal single-mode beam profile, such as camera-supported gesture control.

The ADL-83Y51TL emits in the NIR range at 830 nm and has a cw power of 250 mW. In pulse operation, it can be overdriven to up to 500 mW. Its small, compact TO-56 housing is hermetically sealed, and it allows for an operational temperature of up to 60°C. The component comes with an integrated monitor photodiode for power control and stabilization.

High-power IR sources are also required for medical engineering, printing, and security (IR lighting).

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