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Flasheye Using OnLogic Rugged Computers to Create Advanced LiDAR Solutions

POSTED 10/27/2022


Global industrial computer manufacturer and IoT solution provider, OnLogic (www.onlogic.com), has announced that software specialist Flasheye (www.flasheye.se) is using OnLogic industrial and rugged computers to power their advanced LiDAR Processing Units (LPUs). Flasheye LPUs are deployed by the mining industry to monitor equipment in order to improve operator safety and optimize production throughput.

LiDAR is an acronym for “light detection and ranging.” This active sensing technology measures relative distance using millions of laser pulses per second reflected back from objects within the sensor's field of view. Flasheye 3D LiDAR technology detects unexpected changes when compared to standard operation models to identify production anomalies and prevent stoppages, malfunctions, and accidents.

One of the challenges that Flasheye faced in building their solution was managing the large amount of data 3D LiDAR generates. Data handling for their customers needed to be fast enough to ensure that information could be processed in near real time, particularly for safety-critical applications. LiDAR sensors have no inherent data processing capacity, leading Flasheye to develop an LPU (LiDAR Processing Unit) based on OnLogic Industrial Computers.

"Flasheye solutions need powerful computing, and their LPUs are installed in some of the most challenging environmental conditions you can imagine," says OnLogic Account Manager, Julian Kjaer. "In addition to extreme temperatures and constant vibration of machinery and conveyor belts, there's an incredible amount of dust in the air. Our Karbon 400 rugged computer ended up being ideal for the Flasheye LPU because of its robust mechanical design, small form factor, wide input power range and advanced processing. Configuration options like DIO and 4G wireless also give Flasheye a great deal of installation and application flexibility."

“We selected OnLogic as our hardware provider for the Flasheye LPU because of their high-quality product, customization capabilities, excellent sales engineering, solid delivery, and responsive support," says Flasheye Chief Technology Officer, John Carlson. "In our time working with them, it's become clear that OnLogic is a brand you can trust.”

In addition to OnLogic Karbon 400 systems, Flasheye is currently testing the OnLogic MK200-70 Edge Server as well as their industrial HX330 and ML100G-53 systems for various other installations. Ultimately, Flasheye hopes to help mining companies focus on efficient materials processing while reducing costly and dangerous downtime across their facilities.

More details about Flasheye solutions powered by OnLogic computers are available by visiting www.onlogic.com/solutions/case-studies/flasheye/.

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About Flasheye
Flasheye takes proven LiDAR technology from the automotive, defense, and robotics industry into large-scale industrial and security monitoring installations, to ensure early detection of deviations and danger before serious damage occurs.