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CMOS Camera Characterisation – New Online Training in November 2021

POSTED 10/08/2021

CMOS Camera Characterisation – New Online Training in November 2021

FRAMOS, a leading global imaging provider, has already been highly rated for its CMOS camera training course by participants in the past and is therefore offering a content update for this popular hands-on course in November. The speaker will be Prof. Dr. Albert Theuwissen, one of the most renowned experts on image sensors. In the intensive course from November 24-25, 2021, he will be passing on plenty of helpful, practical information to all those who are interested in learning how the performance characteristics of a CMOS image sensor or a CMOS camera can be determined and evaluated.

No Expert Knowledge Necessary

This course is aimed at designers and engineers who have no explicit developer knowledge, but who do have basic experience in the field of digital imaging and those who works professionally with CMOS image sensors or CIS cameras. This course will be conducted in English, and places are limited.

Determining and Evaluating Parameters

During the course, participants will be able to familiarise themselves with all the performance characteristics of a CMOS camera that have a part to play in the data sheets. They will discover how the camera properties can be measured in the dark and the light, with all the aspects covered that form part of the evaluation: various noise components and electro-optical parameters such as MTF, quantum efficiency, blooming, linearity, saturation capacity, dynamic range, and much more.

Practical Knowledge

The practically focussed and interactive training approach provides participants with a wealth of useful knowledge that they can use directly in their day-to-day work.

Former participants confirm: “The course tells you about things that you won’t find in books and Professor Theuwissen succeeds in providing the perfect combination of technical knowledge and practical skills.”

Event Details

Subject: Characterisation of CMOS Cameras

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Albert Theuwissen

When: November 24-25, 2021

Where: Online via Zoom

Language: English

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Price: €599

Registration: Characterisation of a CMOS Camera| FRAMOS Training


About The Speaker

Prof. Dr. Albert Theuwissen is one of the most renowned experts on image sensors. As a professor at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, he researches and teaches in the field of CMOS image sensors. After many years as CTO and Chief Scientist at DALSA, he started his own company, Harvest Imaging, focusing on training, coaching and teaching in the field of solid-state imaging technology. Prof. Dr. Theuwissen received the Society for Motion Pictures and Television Engineers (SMPTE) Fuji Gold medal for his contributions to research, development and education.

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