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CCS Launches OLB-LT Series Bendable OLED Lighting for Machine Vision Inspection

POSTED 10/25/2021

OLB-LT Series Bendable OLED Lighting for Machine Vision InspectionKyoto, Japan, October 13, 2021 – CCS Inc., the world’s leading manufacturer of LED lighting for image processing and inspection, has launched the OLB-LT series bendable OLED lights as the second product under CCS-LT, its "Leading Technology" brand that accelerates the release of advanced technologies to the market through special quality control standards.

The OLB-LT series uses a multi-layer design of organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) and spring steel so that the bending radius can be designed from 100 mm with either an inner or outer light emission surface, while reducing impact to the 0.1 mm flexible glass (patent pending).

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OLED technology achieves a thin and light design that is only 3 mm thick, as well as the high brightness and uniformity required to image minute defects. Light emits across the entire light-emitting surface, which disperses heat and thus minimizes heat radiation in the inspection.

A demo kit for the OLB-LT series is available to test six different bending radii for both the inner and outer light emission surface types.

CCS will continue to serve as a vendor of essential solutions that help customers illuminate what needs to be visible.