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CCS is the global leader in LED lighting solutions for machine vision applications with over 15 locations worldwide, the largest selection of standard products in the industry, and complete semi-custom and custom capability to get the image you need.

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CCS America Expands Lab Testing to Support Advanced Lighting Solutions

POSTED 07/27/2020

Boston, MA, USA – CCS America has expanded lab testing capabilities in its Boston and Detroit offices to support not only essential area scan, line scan, and flood lighting solutions, but also advanced lighting techniques like computational imaging, non-visible imaging, and 3D illumination. This full range of testing capabilities allows customers to test the latest lighting technologies for their inspection and find the best solution.

As demands placed on machine inspection systems increase, engineers are encountering challenges that are difficult to resolve with traditional imaging and lighting techniques. 

In response to these challenges, CCSA has equipped two of its labs for CI, SWIR, hyper/multispectral, UV, and pattern projectors for 3D imaging. Combining these components with our extensive standard product line-up, CCS can help customers design and test inspections to solve their lighting challenge, no matter how difficult.

By expanding its testing capabilities, CCSA is working to ensure customers can try a variety of solutions and find the one that best illuminates what needs to be visible.

In addition to our quick turnaround testing services, CCSA also offers a free loaner program which gives customers a chance to try our products before purchase. Hundreds of lights, controllers, and accessories are available for a 30-day trial period.

About CCS
CCS Inc. is the global leader in LED lighting and power supply for machine vision applications, pioneering advances in Illumination and Photonics products and technologies. Headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, CCS offers a wide range of machine vision lighting solutions: high-precision area and line scan illumination with special functions and intelligent lighting as well as plug & play lighting solutions. With over 25 years of expertise, CCS manufactures the highest quality, largest selection of standard and custom products in the industry–realizing solutions that provide customers with the visibility they need for machine vision.

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