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Kithara Software is a specialist for real-time and communication solutions under the operating system Windows. The real-time extension RealTime Suite of the company forms the technical foundation for sophisticated applications in robotics, image processing, measurement and control techniques as well

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Camera Link® in a real-time context

POSTED 07/03/2014

Kithara Software, specialist in the field of real-time, has completed the compatibility of “Camera Link” cameras with the Windows® extension »RealTime Suite«, that allows for real-time capturing and processing of “Camera Link” image data.

Camera Link® in a real-time contextUsing an external frame grabber, CL data packets are converted into “GigE Vision®” packets, transferred with 10 Gbit/s and subsequently can be received by the Kithara real-time Ethernet drivers.

For the first time it is possible, for all available “Camera Link” configurations such as Base, Medium and Full (up to 6.8 Gbit/s), to integrate CL image data into the Kithara real-time environment as well as extending the maximum cable distance from 10 meters to up to 10 kilometers via long-range glass fiber.

Uwe Jesgarz, managing director of Kithara Software adds: “Within a real-time context, image data can immediately be analyzed with Halcon or OpenCV image processing libraries and connected to popular automation systems such as EtherCAT® or CANOpen®.”