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BlueVision Ltd., Japan provides wide range of advanced imaging solutions by 'prism' technology, we have multi CCD/CMOS line scan, area scan camera , dedicated lenses, and lighting sources which are covered from NUV up to SWIR range of wave length for many variety of inspections use case such as Foods, Pharmaceutical, Printing, Bottling, Packaging etc... We have R&D, manufacturing , QA and sales and marketing to cover WW market based in Japan supplying high quality solutions . One of our strength is flexibility for customization depending on your requirements as we have our own designed beam splitter and trimming filter for 2 wavelengths prism and 3 wavelengths prism can be also arranged both dichroic mirrors and trimming filters depending on your requirements. We BlueVision Ltd., Japan will contribute ‘ Improve of productivity’ in the industrial market by providing advanced Imaging solutions as our mission, and always keep the spirit of “Insatiable pursuit for ‘Prism’ spectroscopic

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BV-C2950 ESD Visualizing camera (Under development)

POSTED 01/24/2019

BV-C2950BV-C2950  ESD Visualizing camera  (Under development)
ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) means the damage by the electrostatic discharge and at the instant of the discharge, generates the ultra violet light from 250nm to 300nm which is called UV-B.

BV-C2950 is using our core technology, the prism spectroscopic imaging technology and uses two cameras. The incident light is dispersed in two lights , one to a camera for a visual image and the other to an ultrasensitive camera to capture the discharge phenomenon (UV 250nm to 300nm) of low voltage with tens of volts.

As these two images are captured by one lens attached on the camera, BV-C2950 has the same optical axis and field of view and you can find easily where the phenomenon was happened.

< Examples of application>

  • Manufacturing process of semiconductors (Discharge inside of substrates)
  • Production site for displays
  • Places requiring ESD monitoring such as in chemical plants
    • Discharge on film delamination,  Discharge of plastic products

Output:  Visible  640(H) x 480(V), 400nm to 700nm
                UV  640(H) x 480(V), 250nm to 300nm
Interface:  USB x 2
Lens:  35mm
Input voltage: DC 5V, Supplied from AC adaptor (accessory)
Dimensions: 57mm(W) x 90(H)mm x 1080(D) mm (excluding protrusion)