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The Baumer Group is one of the world’s leading experts for high performing sensors and sensor systems in industrial automation. The unrivalled broad product portfolio, measuring precision and smart sensor functionalities provide intelligent solutions for digitalized production. Baumer Optronic GmbH as a subsidiary offers high-performance industrial cameras, smart cameras, vision sensors, and software as well as OEM vision engineering for customized vision components.

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Baumer GAPI SDK for ARM® Processors Allows for Simplified Implementation of Embedded Vision Applications

POSTED 06/14/2016

New GAPI SDK by Baumer for Linux® ARM®-based platforms is oriented towards the ever-growing presence of embedded vision applications.The newest SDK version of the Baumer GAPI for Linux® ARM® processors supports optimally harmonized software integration of Baumer GigE cameras in embedded vision applications. Accessing cost- and energy-efficient ARM®-based hardware platforms will reduce system cost. Existing applications can be easily ported to ARM®-based platforms to benefit from reduced development time and cost without requiring new developments.

Baumer GAPI supports for camera application-relevant hardware platforms of several manufacturers via two installation packages: standard and basic. The standard packages allow for the use of manufacturer-specific evaluation kits (presently NVIDIA® Jetson, Raspberry Pi®, CompuLab and ODROID) to quickly analyze the capabilities for embedding in the image processing solution. Basic packages enable user-specific developments aided by the hard and softfloat processors of the ARM® ARM7™ family for optimal application architecture in terms of performance, design and cost. All the required libraries and software components are already integrated. Furthermore, the SDK provides versatile functionalities for process-safe embedding into the image processing software to ensure a stable and reliable solution in the application. The efficient image processor ensures optimal color calculation for Raw Bayer image data and the action command allows for quick, hardware-near triggering. Supporting camera events and status information will be a valuable help for automated process control. Furthermore, consistent and standard-compliant implementation of GenICam™, GenTL and GigE Vision® ensures easy integration of all Baumer cameras with GigE or Dual GigE interface.

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