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AVAL DATA CoaXPress Frame Grabber APX-3664 Debuts Into Its Machine Vision

POSTED 06/17/2015

APX-3664APX frame grabber series with CoaXPress
AVAL DATA frame grabber APX-3664 earning the CoaXPress logo of approval include the high-performance up to25Gbps (up to 3.4GB/S on DMA) , the industry's first quad CoaXPress frame grabber that benefits:

  • from the CoaXPress to reach beyond CameraLink
  • A most cost-effective in the world
  • Acquires from multiple independent cameras at once without no CPU offload
  • Ensure reliable transfer to a host memory by a way of PCIe(R) 2.0 x8 lanes via a on-board buffering
  • Reduce cabling complexity and power supplies by a way of Power Over CoaXPress ( PoCXP) support
  • Simplify your system using the AVAL DATA SDK TransFlyer (TF) tool-chain on 32-bit/64-bit Windows(R) 7/8
  • Comply with over 20 CoaXPress cameras from world wide

AVAL DATA , a global company with headquarters in Tokyo and manufacturing and R&D in Japan, is the international quality assurance standard ISO 9001 in 1995 and the ISO 14001 certification in 2001certified As well as AVAL DATA's products are application-ready for industrial automation, communications, medical and industrial embedded computer market over 56 years.

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