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Toshiba Teli Corporation develops and manufactures CMOS and CCD cameras for machine vision, industrial automation, inspection, measurement, robotics, 3D, pick and place, AOI and medical imaging. The product assortment includes Gigabit, Firewire, PoCL®, Camera Link®, line scan, analog, RS170 (EIA), CCIR, near infra-red, remote head cameras, mini-cube and HD CMOS cameras using CCD and CMOS sensors up to 12 megapixel. Toshiba Teli Corporation also manufactures OEM cameras and HD LCD Monitors for the medical industry. Please visit our website to request more information or a demonstration of our products including our 12 MP 4K x 3K resolution camera running a full 25FPS and our new HD CMOS 60FPS. Our products are subject to total in-house manufacturing from the procurement and supply of components to assembly, wiring and inspection. We build on established technology with state-of-the-art innovations that support constant efforts to maintain the very highest quality levels in our products.

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20mm Cube PoCLlite Camera

POSTED 02/09/2012

Toshiba Teli has released the ultra compact body PoCLlite camera  called "CSCLV90BC3" (Clever Dragon series)  

CSCLV90BC3 Cube PoCLlite Camera Clever Dragon Series from Toshiba TeliOne of the best feature is the mechanical dimention size and the cable direction. The cable direction can be selectable when the direction is nominated before shipment. Teli Machine Vision cameras define the regulation that follows for 100G/shock and 10G/vibrtion locally and this model also passes the high level test.

It can achieve 90 fps speed at VGA resolution. The partial scan mode is available, too.  It will be suitable to install the camera at narrow space in case there are some space factors.