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Recognizing the position of synthetic bags on a Euro pallet

POSTED 06/07/2024

Application and Solution

The system for handling Europallets is designed to enhance automation and efficiency in processing polymer bags. Europallets, loaded with bags, are transported via a conveyor belt to an advanced robotic system. This robot is equipped to automatically remove layers of bags from the Europallets and place them precisely on a longitudinal conveyor belt for further processing.

Key to the accuracy of this system is a time-of-flight camera, which is used to detect the exact positions of the polymer bags. This camera works by measuring the time it takes for a light signal to bounce back from the bags, thereby determining their positions in three dimensions. The detected positions are then translated into the robot’s coordinate system, ensuring precise handling.

The VisionCommander® image processing software plays a crucial role in this setup. It evaluates the data from the time-of-flight camera, processes the images, and accurately determines the X, Y, and Z coordinates of each bag. This information is essential for the robot to perform its task efficiently and without error.

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3D Position Detection: Utilizing a projection-based 3D camera, the system detects the 3D positions of the palletized bags.
Coordinate Detection: The system identifies the X, Y, and Z coordinates of each bag to ensure precise handling and placement.




  • Precise pickup by the robot possible
  • Accuracy: ±10 mm
  • Contactless measurement: wear-free