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FRAMOS enables machines to see and is a leading global supplier of imaging products, embedded vision technologies, custom solutions, and OEM services. The vision experts at FRAMOS have been assisting customers since 1981 as a technical consultant, development partner, and as a supplier of individual components, complex system integrations, or customization options. In addition, FRAMOS provides individual technology focusing on sensor modules and intellectual property, like IP Cores, Imaging Algo

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WHAT IS ToF? All About Time-of-Flight and the FRAMOS ToF Devkit

POSTED 01/22/2024

This video gives a short explanation of Time-of-Flight technology (ToF) technology, explaining how direct ToF and indirect ToF work and giving some examples of how this new depth-sensing technology is being used. The video also introduces a new development kit created by FRAMOS for companies interested in developing their own ToF camera.