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Future-oriented solutions are created at SensoPart – and developed and produced at our Gottenheim and Wieden sites. Those entering the new SensoPart buildings in Gottenheim near Freiburg immediately notice that this is an innovative, open company. This first impression of order and transparency is confirmed by a glance at our production facilities: everything is in the right place here and everyone knows what they are doing. The result is the famous quality “made in Germany”, of which we at SensoPart are particularly proud. Less obvious, but nevertheless decisive for the whole, is our development department. We do everything to give new ideas and innovations space here. Regardless of whether the optimisation of a product’s functional detail is involved or whether it is necessary to come up with a completely new product family, our development engineers are committed with a lot of energy and great expertise. Numerous Innovation Prizes in recent years document this: with success!

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SensoPart's Hand-Eye Calibration

POSTED 07/07/2023

True non-contact calibration that gets a system back up and running in minutes and minimizes downtime. One advantage of this method is that in applications with a camera mounted on the robot arm, this flexibility can be used to move the workspace in the robot workspace. This results in a high degree of flexibility. In contrast to classical calibration methods, the field of view of the sensor during calibration and the working area of the robot do not have to be identical in hand-eye calibration.