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Advantech's Design to order services (DTOS) includes a full range of custom solutions boards and systems platforms. With extensive manufacturing experience & certified quality assurance systems, our manufacturing centers guarantee quality & on-time delivery of your solutions. At Advantech North America, we believe our customers are our most valued partners. We work side by side with your team, as part of your team.

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Introducing Edge AI Suite, Advantech

POSTED 09/23/2021

With Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit integrated, Advantech Edge AI Suite provides a deep learning model optimizer, an inference engine, pre-trained models, and friendly GUI toolkit. Customers can use Python*-based tool to quickly import their existing Caffe, TensorFlow, Apache MXNet and ONNX trained models and deploy it to edge devices. Edge AI Suite also integrates VPU/CPU/Memory real-time status monitoring and model update functions for managing distributed edge devices.