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PI is a leading manufacturer of precision motion control and automation systems, hexapod 6-axis parallel robotic stages, air bearing motion systems, Gantry Systems, 3D printing, laser machining, and piezoelectric nano-positioning solutions. Applications include photonics, semiconductor technology, medical engineering, assembly, inspection, materials handling, and bio-nanotechnology. PI has been developing and manufacturing standard & custom precision products with piezoceramic and electromagneti

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Hexapod with Range Extender: Direct Drive XY Automation System + 6-Axis Hexapod Alignment System

POSTED 06/05/2019

Combination of an XY linear motor direct-drive positioner and a compact hexapod 6-axis parallel kinematics system to cover long travel ranges and all 6 degrees of freedom. The hexapod has a programmable center of rotation.More on hexapods: https://www.pi-usa.us/en/tech-blog/search-blog-posts-by-category/hexapods/