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Since 1993 PushCorp has specialized in material removal equipment. As inventors of the force compliance device, we have supplied tools to automate thousands of robotic processes across the globe. Innovation is in our DNA and it’s why we are constantly evolving, creating, and adding new surface finishing products to our portfolio each year. Whether you are a manufacturer or a robotic systems integrator, we have the tooling to help automate your manual surface finishing process. At our core, there has always been an emphasis on quality and durability across PushCorp's entire product line. Being heavily involved in the automotive and aerospace industry, our customers expect a product that can last years with continuous trouble-free use. To ensure this quality is met, we manufacture and assemble as many products in-house as possible. To this end, 95% of all our components are machined in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Dallas, Texas.

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Automated Recycling of Glass Blocks - Estimated to Save 300 kg of CO2 for Every Ton of Glass!

POSTED 08/20/2021

Insulated Glass Units, or IGUs are typically made up of two glass panes sandwiching an aluminum spacer and gasket material. To be able to recycle the glass panes, we needed to remove the spacer and gasket material without damaging the glass panes.