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From the beginning, we’ve been pursuing progress in optical technology. As a result, in 2009, we released a new illumination method of LED lighting, named ‘Flat Power’. ‘Flat Power’ achieved high uniformity of intensity. We aim to development new markets through our mission statement: ‘Technology and Service is our mission’. Established August 1980 President CEO Yoshigi Nakata Equity amount JPY10,000,000 Business Originally designed Illumination system with LED light source. Brand name : Flat Power Optical technology related Lens design, Optical system design. Manufacturing of optical units. Electronics technology related Electronics circuits design and development of software. Manufacturing of control units. Target products and business fields Sensing units, Measurement units, Image processing for Factory Automation and Medical equipment.

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Optical glass surface inspection robot

POSTED 01/03/2023

The principle of our low-angle lighting LA-0 is applied to the inspection of transparent workpieces and specular reflection workpiece surfaces. The robot grips the workpiece and changes the irradiation angle of the illumination light. After picking up workpieces from the pre-inspection tray and inspecting them for defects, the robot sorts them into non-defective trays and defective trays. It is a robot that can be introduced while maintaining the normal visual inspection environment.