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Four Benefits of Using AC Motors for Golf Buggies

POSTED 07/14/2021

If you are looking for an electric motor for golf buggy production, are you better off choosing an AC or a DC motor? It’s a great question and in our opinion, AC motors are the right choice for use in a golf buggy thanks to their high power and speed.

At Parvalux, we want to help you find the perfect golf buggy motor solution to suit your needs. Here are four reasons why we think you should consider an AC motor for your golf buggy or cart:

1. Strong braking power, especially downhill

One of the key benefits of using an AC golf cart motor is its inherent braking power. This is especially beneficial when travelling downhill, providing golfers with a greater degree of control when moving around the course.

2. Power for uphill driving and heavy loads

AC electric motors offer real drive power. Golf buggies require sufficient power to drive uphill due to the nature of golf courses. In addition, golf buggies are designed to carry heavy loads of golf clubs, equipment and of course, players! Therefore, good drive power is an important characteristic in a golf cart motor.

3. Fast acceleration

AC motors are able to build up speed at a fast pace, which is particularly useful for a golf buggy and cart. Golfers look for buggies and carts that can transport them around the course reliably and at a timely pace and fast acceleration is a key benefit to choosing an AC motor.

4. Reduced internal friction

Due to the lack of brushes, AC motors experience a lot less internal friction when compared with their DC counterparts, which minimizes the amount of maintenance an AC golf buggy motor requires. Very handy if you’re running a busy golf course!

Parvalux offers standard and customized AC and DC motors. We can even design a geared motor from scratch to meet your specific needs. Parvalux designs and manufactures motors and gearboxes in our own UK-based factories.

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