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KC Robotics, Inc.

Plain and simple, preventive maintenance makes good business sense. KC Robotics recommends that all robotic equipment be maintained regularly to improve the efficiency of your operation and the life of your equipment. Advantages of a scheduled Preventive Maintenance Program:

  • Efficient operation
  • Reduce maintenance cost over life of system
  • Increase accuracy of repeatability
  • Minimize unexpected downtime
  • High standards of workplace safety
  • Extend equipment life
  • Identify potential problems before they result in last-minute scrambling for parts and service

Like any other machine, industrial robots need routine maintenance. Your car needs an oil change and inspection after a specified number of miles and your robot needs a grease/oil change and inspection after so many hours. Both machines run better and longer with proper maintenance. KC Robotics offers preventive maintenance for all makes and models of industrial robots. Whether you bought your robot from us or a competitor, we’re here to help you keep your company running safely and efficiently at an affordable cost.