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ABICOR BINZEL is a leading manufacturer of robotics welding torches and accessories for medium and high automation production. Our robot welding offerings include torches, through and over-arm mounts, cleaning stations, jigs, and the complete line of Scansonic laser product solutions that are staples of the automotive production industry. Headquartered in Giessen, Germany with additional manufacturing units in the United States and beyond, Binzel is present in more than 30 countries worldwide

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TH6D Laser Seam Tracking Sensor

POSTED 02/22/2017

Universal, Precise, and Dependable. The in-process optical Seam Tracking Sensor TH6D is specifically designed to create a perfect welding seam every time. Components and joints are recorded through our laser/camera interface, allowing real time corrections during the course of the welding seam. Contact-free and both system and process independent, the Seam Tracking Sensor TH6D is ideally suited for all standard seam shapes and material types.