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LAPP’s ÖLFLEX®, ETHERLINE®, and UNITRONIC® continuous flexing cables play an integral role in high-speed robotics applications, such as multi-axis articulated arm, Cartesian and SCARA robots. At LAPP, we design and manufacture a full range of high-flex, high-torsion, abrasion resistant cables, connector and cable tracks for static, dynamic and torsional robots that can reliably transmit power, control, data, and monitoring signals— while withstanding repetitive movements, extreme twisting and bending. As one of the world’s premier robotic cable carriers, we offer a wide range of connectivity solutions for demanding robotics applications. High-flex cables for static, dynamic and torsional robots - High-torsion Ethernet cables - Continuous-flex (FD) cables and cable chain - Custom ÖLFLEX® CONNECT assemblies - Non-metallic cable glands for fast assembly and reliable connections - Circular and rectangular connectors - Abrasion-resistant, continuous-flex conduits.

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POSTED 07/17/2012

Big.Bigger.Biggest. Lapp offers the SKINTOP® MS-M Brush, liquid tight, metallic strain relief cable gland in metric sizes to meet the European Union Standards. SKINTOP® MS-M Brush is your ideal cable accessory to meet the harshest industrial applications.