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Plus One Robotics makes vision software for logistics robots. We give robots the eye-hand coordination to pick and place objects in the warehouses and distribution centers using 3D and AI-powered perception, so robots get smarter over time. Our award-winning approach to customer service includes remote robot supervision, so one human worker can manage up to 50 robots from anywhere. That's why we say 'Robots Work. People Ru

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Robot and Human Collaboration

POSTED 03/31/2021

Just as people divide up tasks based on capabilities, roles in the warehouse will be defined by the strengths each worker brings to the job. Robots offer power, speed, repeatability and endurance. But they are narrowly intelligent at best and unable to cope with the unpredictable. People –with their abilities to perceive the world, think and make decisions– will supply what robots lack. Collaborating cognitively, people and robots will be able to address inherently variable tasks.