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A typical project for ARC Specialties begins when a customer goes to the company with a manufacturing problem. Working with the customer, the staff will propose a solution. In some cases, ARC needs to prototype the system before a complete proposal is possible. In the ARC research facility, a full testing and technical setup allows the technology services staff to work with tools from stereo lithography welding systems to racecar camshaft welds. Frequently, this ability to develop a process before a full-blown manufacturing system is built will allow ARC to improve the final machine and shorten the delivery time. ARC Specialties builds on three basic platforms, programmable logic controllers (PLC), machine tool controller (CNC) and 6 axis robots. The ARC6 robotic welding robot is one of the last remaining robots designed and build in the USA. No one technology solves all manufacturing problems. Generally ARC will choose a PLC if given a process problem. PLCs are fast and reliable—when the motion requirements exceed that of a PLC, ARC selects a CNC controller. When ARC is presented with a problem that requires 6 axes of motion, the company will use an articulated arm.

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Oxyfuel Cutting with SnapCut

POSTED 09/09/2019

Today’s video shows an oxy/propane SnapCut robot with a magnetic base cutting a beveled hole in 2” plate. With the bevel, cut thickness is nearly 2 ½ inches. Being portable you can bring the bot to the part, an essential feature on vessels and large fabrications. The #collaborative #UR robot pierces the plate straight without drilling a start hold. SnapCut then leads into the beveled cut. Set up is simple. Cut quality is very good.

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