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Dynalog, Inc. provides robot cell calibration and robot performance analysis products (software and hardware) to robot manufacturers and robot end-users in North America, Europe, and Asia. Dynalog products allow operators not only to identify a robot cell's signature (including robot Denavit-Hartenberg parameters, compliance parameters, fixture location, etc.); but to also use that signature to filter robot programs (e.g., to perform robot cell cloning, off-line programming and robot maintenance). Dynalog calibration software is also used in robotic flexible measurement systems (FMS), as well as other precision robotic applications, where robot positional accuracy is required. Dynalog robot performance analysis products allow operators to verify robot performance characteristics, both static and dynamic, according to ANSI/RIA and ISO standards, as well as simulation/robot performance according to Ford Robot Model Accuracy Standards.

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Dynalog's DynaCal Robot Calibration and Off-line Programming Utilizing Faro Laser Tracker

POSTED 03/08/2017

The DynaCal Robot Cell Calibration system, produced by Dynalog, eliminates any of the discrepancies encountered in any Robot installation between “Actual Build” and “Nominal Design”! The DynaCal solution uses sophisticated mathematical routines to first automatically “Identify” through accurate measurement, any discrepancies within the Robot Cell (i.e. the Robot, the TCP, and the Fixture Alignment - all simultaneously), and then to transparently “Compensate” for them.