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Tech Papers: Neousys GPU-aided Platforms -Take Your AGV to the Next Level

POSTED 07/29/2021

Self-guided Machine Vision for Independent Operability

Most wheel-based task-specific AGV robots navigate by utilizing a specific sensor guided by markers, cables, lasers, magnets, object detection, etc. without colliding into obstructions. The environment in which the AGV deploys in must be set up to limit and guide the AGV around and about the compound. By utilizing the machine vision auto-drive functionality on an AGV, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • No more guiding sensors, strips or magnets implanted into the floor
  • Minimum wireless signal required for operation
  • Operate independently with efficiency and more functionality

Neousys GPU-aided Platform Stands Apart

As the main controller in an electrically motorized self-guided vehicle and in addition to the tranditional characteristics of being compact, Neousys systems also come with the following unique attributes:

  • Performance and power consumption optimized CPU/ GPU platforms
  • Wide range power input
  • Connections that stand apart
  • Patented thermal design for true wide-temperature operation
  • Patented GPU holder to withstand shock and vibration

With sensory and machine vision technology advancements in past decades, the utilization of such technologies in AGV vehicles have grown in popularity. Unlike other AGVs that need corresponding hardware and equipment implementation at your location-choice, the self-guided machine vision vehicles incorporate the latest self-guidance, sensor and machine vision technologies to navigate, learn and map the site while maneuvering about the compound. 

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