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RobOps @ Scale InOrbit streamlines robot operations with a secure, cloud-based robot management platform built to maximize the potential of every robot.

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InOrbit One-page Overview Document

POSTED 08/03/2021

Maximize the potential of every robot

InOrbit provides a platform for robot operations (RobOps), enabling companies to improve the efficiency of their fleet while focusing on their unique differentiators.

The platform spans secure robot connectivity, data observability, low latency messaging to trigger actions, and data analytics for continuous robotics improvement.

How it works:

  • Simple to get started. Robotics stack-agnostic agent for observability in under one minute with one line of code.
  • Ease of integration/use. APIs and dashboards to track incidents, get real-time analytics and trigger actions.
  • Scales with your business. Infrastructure with high availability supports robot fleets from a handful to thousands.

InOrbit brings DevOps best practices to robotics fleets, enabling efficient operations by reducing time-to-resolution, improving robot utilization and driving key performance indicators.

The secure cloud infrastructure and seamless connectivity ensure effortless deployment. In 2020, InOrbit covered 5+ million hours of active robot operations in mission critical production environments.

InOrbit helps solve recurring robot management needs, allowing customers to focus on their key differentiators, while dramatically reducing operational costs and driving ROI.

Get an instant view of the business through key performance indicators

Optimize robot fleet utilization and meet SLAs, monitor and resolve problems in real time

Continuously improve robot software with actionable field data for root cause analysis

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