Why Use An
A3 CERTIFIED Robot Integrator

Simple: Achievement. Proficiency. Depth of Knowledge.

Robot Integration is Serious Business

There's a lot at stake. Existing processes have to remain operational. Supply chain demands have to continue to be met. Costs and schedules have to be effectively managed. Robot systems have to be planned to meet the needs of current and future requirements including safety compliance. And so much more.

The investment is huge and failure is simply not an option.

So Where Do You Start? Right Here!

An A3 Certified Robot Integrator has successfully completed a rigorous process of certification.

Starting your search process with A3 Certified Robot Integrators gives you a reliable measure against which to benchmark integrator candidates.

Certification demonstrates a company's commitment to excellence, representing:

  • High Level of Achievement
  • High Level of Proficiency
  • Breadth and Depth of Knowledge
  • Deep Commitment & Accountability
  • Safety Compliance Expertise
  • Financial Solvency

Download an official letter from A3 on why you should use a Certified Robot Integrator


Talk with an A3 Certified Robot Integrator first!

Whether you're in some stage of planning or thinking about robot integration for the first time, speak with an RIA Certified Robot Integrator first. Fill out the form and we'll make the introduction.

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6 Considerations When Selecting a Robot Integrator

Get it right at the outset and you'll see the results in your bottom line! Download the Ebook to read about the 6 key areas to consider when selecting the best robotic integrator for your needs.