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Zimmer Group Wins Three German Design Awards 2020

POSTED 02/19/2020

With the winning of three more awards, the Zimmer Group now has 26 international awards - all of which have only been received in the last two years. The presentation of the coveted trophies of the German Design Awards took place on February 7, 2020 in front of around 1,500 participants from politics, business, design and the press at the international consumer goods fair „Ambiente“ in Frankfurt am Main.

The focus of the gala evening was on three grippers from the handling specialist, which were honoured in the category "Excellent Product Design Industry". The electric parallel gripper GEP5000, the concentric gripper GED5000 and the IO-Link long-stroke gripper GEH6000IL from the Zimmer Group were awarded a "Winner Award".

The international jury of the German Design Award 2020 gave the following reasons for its decision on its website: "Together with the concentric gripper GED5000 and the long-stroke gripper GEH6000IL, the electric parallel gripper GEP5000 forms a family with high economic and ecological demands. The uniform, formally clear design language, reduced to the essentials, has been consistently cleanly designed down to the last detail and conveys a high degree of precision and quality".

Launched in 2012, the German Design Award is one of the most renowned design competitions internationally and is presented by the German Design Council. The jury honours products and projects that are groundbreaking in the German and international design landscape. In 2020 it reviewed a total of over 5,000 entries. The proportion of international submissions was around 55%.

The German Design Awards 2020 are one of a series of renowned awards that the Zimmer Group has received to date. These include the German Innovation Award 2019, the Red Dot Award 2018-2019, the IF Award 2018-2019 and the Handling Award 2019.