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Zimmer Group - end of arm turnkey gripper systems from the specialist

POSTED 11/15/2019

Zimmer Group offers innovative, flexible, scalable, multi functional solutions for all industries across the globe. Our systems are modular, simple to adapt robust, lightweight and compact. They are fast, accurate and have multi-axis flexibility to serve several applications in almost all industries. As an industry expert, we know well the challenge of our customers, and we already have successfully realized many solutions, all with different kinds of requests. Together with robot integrators, we can supply reliable and progressive solutions that ensure sustainable success for our customers. Due to our worldwide presence and worldwide service capabilities, we are the preferred choice of many end-users. We have decided to focus on industry-specific technologies and processes. Because we have decided to focus on industry-specific technologies and processes, we have specialized teams and system solution for our markets in Mobility, Automation, Consumer Goods and Logistics.



In this sector we will serve to the automotive, railway, aerospace and shipbuilding industry OEMs. So far we have realized several projects in powertrain, drive train in machining, foundry as well as the assembly. In case of railway we have realized projects in wheels and axle lines. We can do processes like composite manufacturing for aerospace. Recently we diversified and developed us to be a system partner of many well-known premium manufacturers in battery production, module assembly and electric motor production.



We provide solutions for the capital goods industry. We have built our competencies to develop innovative cell building concepts, based on a virtual image and the digital twin. We design and realize complete production cells that have maximum flexibility. We supply end effectors or modules for machine tending applications. in our range, we offer individual components to the mechatronic function module to complete robot-based machining or assembly cells.



Fast-moving consumer goods have such a high turnover rate, the market is not only very large, it is also very competitive. That's why packaging is a very important factor in the production process. The logistics and distribution systems often require secondary and tertiary packaging to maximize efficiency. We offer a wide range of end effectors for different requirements. For example washable for food, Atex grade for paints, Anti corrosive for detergents. We offer modular, optimally sized, lightweight construction for all our systems.



The product portfolio of Zimmer Group is as diverse as the challenges. It supports applications such as palletizing and depalletizing, primary and secondary packaging, integration for conveyor and storage systems. We offer hardware and software solutions for optimal gripping, handling and trouble-free material flow. We offer very reliable, highly available, failure and process-proof solutions and adapted to their respective applications.