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Weekly Bot Brief on Robotic Research and Investment Review 8-31-2018

POSTED 09/02/2018

"There is no force on earth more powerful than an idea whose time has come"  -Victor Hugo

Weekly Bot Highlights:Bot Index vs. S & P 500, 9-02-2018

In the final week of August, the Bot Index crossed a major milestone in terms of performance. Since its inception on December 31, 2015, the Bot Index has faithfully reflected the significant investor acceptance of robotic, AI, drone and 3D printing companies. This week, the Bot Index jumped 2.51% to reach a new high level and a more than doubling of performance since its launch.

Fourteen of the thirty components of the Bot Index exceeded 3% price movements for the week. Leading the gainers was Ekso Bionics who was the subject of two articles placing the stock in a positive position. Accesswire noted, “Investors recently long Ekso have made 65% with more potential upside to come.” In addition, Investopedia included Ekso in its article entitled, ‘Penny Stocks to Watch for September 2018’. The stock rose just under 6% for the week. Amazon gave investors a 5.63% gain as it surged above $2,000 per share. Apple gained 5.31% as Warren Buffet revealed that Berkshire Hathaway had increased its already heavy position in the stock and the company announced it would be buying back stock with some of its $281 billion cash hoard. Raising guidance to a revenue gain of 21.5% for all of 2018, IRobot shares rose 5.02%. Nvidia increased by 3.11% following investor recognition of the potential for its new Turning GPU architecture that permits cinematic quality pictures within video games. The following companies produced gains of 3% or greater with no discernable news to account for the strength:

Cognex                             4.10%

Mazor Robotics               3.91%

Intuitive Surgical            3.42%

Rockwell Automation     3.38%

AeroVironment                 3.09%

The only notable decliner in this week’s trading of the bot companies was 3D Systems which fell only 2.68%

They’re Back:

Asian names have been a notable inhibitor to the performance of the Bot Index in recent weeks. For example, since late January shares of the Japanese company Cyberdyne have fallen from $18.20 to a low of $7.52 on August 24 before rebounding 5.94% last week. Also, experiencing gains were shares of Hiwin Technologies who rose 5.95%, Yaskawa Electric Co. that increased 3.76%, OMRON Corp. up 3.58% and Keyence which had a gain of 3.29%. Maybe, after a long hiatus, the Asian names within the Bot Index will start to contribute to the upward movement that the index has enjoyed.

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Cover photo courtesy of The Mirror, UK