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Weekly Bot Brief on Robotic Research and Investment Review 11-10-2018

POSTED 11/11/2018

"There is no force on earth more powerful than an idea whose time has come"  -Victor Hugo

Bot Index HighlightsBot Index vs. S & P 500, 11-10-2018

You may recall from last week’s Bot Brief the Asian constituents of the Bot Index performed remarkably well with Hiwin Technologies gaining a spectacular 25.54%, followed by double digit increases by OMRON Corp. (+10.08%), Fanuc Corp. (13.41%) Keyence (+14.51%) and Yaskawa Electric (+17.47%). Cyberdyne Inc. also increased 6.88% for the week. Well, this week’s trading was a different story with three of the aforementioned companies among the largest losers. Yaskawa Electric fell 8.46% while Hiwin Technologies gave back 5.69% and Fanuc Corp. slid 7.51%. The sole domestic name that experienced a significant market deterioration was Immersion Corp. The company dropped 9.91% following its report of third quarter earnings that saw both revenues and earnings falling fromthe comparable 2017 period.

These decliners contributed to the underperformance of the Bot Index (+.36%) relative to the S & P 500 (+2.13%).

Among gainers, AeroVironment led the pack with a 9.09% market improvement as it was awarded a $3.2 million contract from the Department of Defense on behalf of an allied nation. NIO Corp. was the beneficiary of a Market Realist article that mentioned that four of the ten analysts that follow the company have ‘buy’ ratings on the stock and made the comment that “As a player in the world’s largest auto market, NIO has an opportunity to grow faster than Tesla.” Three defense companies performed well for the week with Textron gaining 5.18%, Lockheed Martin up 4.62% and Northrup Grumman increasing by 4.36%.

Most of the Bot Index Companies Have Reported Their September Quarter’s Results. Here is a Brief Glimpse:

Company                Revenue        EPS

Cognex                    -10.69%        -21.05%

Apple                      +19.63%        +41.06%

3D Systems            +7.85%          N/A

Lockheed                +17.66%        +58.64%

NVIDIA*                  +40.04%        +91.30%

Textron                    -8.15%          +277%

United Tech.           +9.61%         -7.78%

Northrup                 +23.87%       +77.72%

AeroVironment*     +128%          N/A

Ormat Tech.            -.56%            N/A

IRobot                      +29.13%       +47.37%

Intuitive Surgical    +14.27%       -3.92%

Google                     +21.49%       +36.47%

Keyence                   +15.16%       +9.35%

ABB Ltd.                  +6.11%          +3.7%

Lincoln Electric       +10.16%       -32.70%

Faro Tech               +11.11%         N/A

Offshore Intl.          +8.98%          N/A

Accuray                   +5.5%            +.1%

Amazon                  +20.89%        +1005%

All EPS are fully diluted YOY as reported by Morningstar. * Denotes July quarter.

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Cover photo courtesy of The Mirror, UK