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Weekly Bot Brief Newsletter on Robotics 12/18/2020

POSTED 12/20/2020

"There is no force on earth more powerful than an idea whose time has come."   - Victor Hugo

Bots in The News:

Paced by eight components whose results exceeded 5% for the week, of which half recorded double digit gains, the Bot Index reversed its two-week swing of underperformance versus the S & P 500. The bots gained 3.22% while the broader markets increased 1.25%. Of the thirty stocks that make up the Bot Index only eight recorded negative returns and only the 5.84% decline of Cyberdyne Inc. was of any consequence.

Of the best performers, Tesla’s near 14% jump exceeded the pack as it is set to debut on the S&P 500 next week as the benchmark's sixth-largest company with a market value of more than $640 billion.

Tesla’s Japanese counterpart, NIO Ltd. also gained 11.29% on favorable comments by Investor’s Business Daily. However, threats by President Trump on Friday regarding the delisting of Chinese stocks, could have a bearing on next week’s trading.

Hiwin Technologies continues its winning streak adding 12.37% this week. The stock traded as low as $249 on October 30 before steadily rising to this week’s close at $386.

iRobot’s fortunes have changed in the past few months for the better. Zacks Consensus Estimates are calling for earnings of $3.53 per share and revenue of $1.37 billion. These results would represent year-over-year changes of +18.86% and +12.9%, respectively. Clearly, the upbeat estimates are contributing to the change in investor sentiment.

If it were not for a significant drop in price during Friday’s trading 3D Systems would have joined the double-digit crowd. Despite Friday’s malaise, the stock continued its recent climb, adding another 9.70% to its performance track.

Productivity and Bots:

Of the economic building blocks that promote GDP growth and prosperity, the concept of productivity is a major component. The definition of productivity is, “The expression of the ratio of an aggregate output to a single input.” It is generally referred to as the efficiency of a person completing a task. But that narrowly defines productivity into the aspect of human labor in the production cycle. What if there is no human component of the ability to create a widget or some form of service? 

The London Economist Magazine devoted its Finance and Economics section of the December 12th edition to the prospects for a resurgence in productivity. Within the article the authors speculated that, “A rise in total factor productivity – or the efficiency with which an economy uses its productive inputs – may require the discovery of new ways of producing goods and services.”

In looking at ways that corporations are forecast to expand productivity, 50% plan to accelerate automation of production tasks.” Of those over 65% are anticipating the use of non-human robots and 50% are looking to 3D printing in the production chain. Clearly, the Robotic Revolution is still on a major upswing and its impact on productivity will be a harbinger for economic expansion.

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