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U.S. Army’s Automotive Research Center Conducting 17th Annual Conference May 23-24 in Michigan

POSTED 05/20/2011

rong>2011 Theme: Powering Future Mobility

U.S. Army Detroit Arsenal, Warren, Mich. – More than 60 years ago, the U.S. government called upon the American people to establish the Arsenal of Democracy and supply the implements of war. Here in 2011, as the country faces new conflict areas an energy security threat, that same spirit is fueling vitally important work.
For the 17th consecutive year, the Automotive Research Center (ARC) – the university-based Army Center of Excellence for advancing high-fidelity simulation of military and civilian ground vehicles – is holding its annual conference to expound on how this public/private partnership is facing energy issues head-on. With a theme of “Powering Future Mobility,” the conference takes place May 23-24, 2011, at the Ann Arbor Marriott Ypsilanti at Eagle Crest in Ypsilanti, Mich.

This conference is open to the media. For more information about the ARC and a detailed agenda, visit http://arc.engin.umich.edu/index.html.

The ARC stands as the key basic research partner of the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center in Warren, Mich. The ARC was established in 1994 at the University of Michigan and has evolved to now include Wayne State University, Mich.; Oakland University, Mich.; the University of Iowa; Clemson University, S.C.; and Virginia Tech University.

The ARC’s mission is “to study and demonstrate the creation of a flexible, agile simulation system composed of a hierarchy of models of varying resolution that can be tailored to meet a range of simulation objectives and can significantly impact the product development process of military and commercial automotive manufacturers.”

In recent years, the Center has increased emphasis on energy efficient propulsion systems for ground vehicles, including those employing hybrid powertrains.

Scheduled speakers for this year’s conference include (listed alphabetically):

  • Patrick Davis – Vehicle Technology Program Manager, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy – U.S. Department of Energy – www.energy.gov
  • Maj. Gen. Nick Justice – Commanding General, U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command – www.army.mil/RDECOM/
  • U.S. Sen. Carl Levin, Mich. – Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee – http://levin.senate.gov/
  • Dr. Peter Lilienthal – Founder, HOMER Energy – www.homerenergy.com
  • Jeff Singleton – Director for Basic Research, O/Asst Sec. of the Army (Acquiion, Logistics & Technology) – https://www.alt.army.mil/
  • Dr. Gary Smyth – Executive Director, North American Research Labs, General Motors Research and Development – www.gm.com
  • Maj. Gen. Kurt J. Stein – Commanding General, U.S. Army Tank Automotive Command – http://garrison-michigan.army.mil
  • Paul Weal – Director of Business Development, LMS – www.lmsintl.com


Headquartered at the U.S. Army Detroit Arsenal in Warren, MI, TARDEC is the Nation’s laboratory for advanced military automotive technology and serves as the Ground Systems Integrator for all Department of Defense (DOD) manned and unmanned ground vehicle systems. With roots dating back to the World War II era, TARDEC is a full life-cycle, systems engineering support provider-of-first-choice for all DOD ground combat and combat support weapons, equipment and vehicle systems. TARDEC develops and integrates the right technology solutions to improve Current Force effectiveness and provides superior capabilities for Future Force integration. TARDEC’s technical, scientific and engineering staff lead cutting-edge research and development in Ground Systems Survivability; Power and Mobility; Ground Vehicle Robotics; Force Projection; and Vehicle Electronics and Architecture. TARDEC is a major research, development and engineering center within the Research, Development and Engineering Command and an enterprise partner in the TACOM Life Cycle Management Command.