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Tregaskiss is an industry leader in the development and manufacture of quality robotic MIG welding guns, peripherals and consumables for high volume production facilities world-wide. Vision, commitment, and a team approach are pivotal to the success that Tregaskiss has enjoyed with its TOUGH GUN™, TOUGH LOCK™, and TOUGH GARD™ MIG welding products. Built with durability, precision, and productivity in mind, TOUGH GUN Robotic MIG Products from Tregaskiss are the toughest available. Our TOUGH GUN ThruArm™, Robotic, and Automatic MIG Guns and our TOUGH GUN Robotic Peripherals are designed to provide you with a fully integrated welding system. TOUGH GUN Robotic MIG Gun performance is enhanced by our TOUGH LOCK™ Consumable System. Reap the benefits of fewer consumable replacements, reduced downtime and rework with this winning combination. Tregaskiss has the ability to react quickly to your application-specific needs with engineering, technical support and service.

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Tregaskiss Introduces TOUGH GARD Spatter Cleaner to Extend MIG Consumable Life

POSTED 03/31/2010

minimize spatter build-up and help extend the life of robotic MIG welding consumables, Tregaskiss introduces its new TOUGH GARD™ Spatter Cleaner. This compact, all-in-one spatter cleaning station runs on as little as 60 psi, is hard wired to integrate easily with existing robotic or PLC automation controls (runs on 24 VDC), and has been designed to effectively remove spatter build-up from MIG welding consumables. With all of these features, the TOUGH GARD Spatter Cleaner lessens the frequency of MIG consumable changeover, resulting in greater arc-on time plus lower overall consumable and operating costs.

The TOUGH GARD Spatter Cleaner features a factory-installed sprayer and wire cutter that minimizes the need and cost for separate peripherals, and also maximizes space within the robotic weld cell (footprint: L = 9.75 x W = 9.75 x H = 17.5 inches). The wire cutter re-dresses the welding wire to a clean and consistent length to ensure accurate arc starting, while the sprayer applies a thin layer of TOUGH GARD Anti-Spatter Liquid to protect the front-end consumables. When exposed to heat, the anti-spatter liquid creates a protective barrier that resists spatter accumulation, keeping the consumables clean and extending their life.

“We designed the TOUGH GARD Spatter Cleaner to be an all-in-one cleaning solution—one that minimizes the need and cost for purchasing a separate wire cutter and/or anti-spatter sprayer,” says Rob Ryan, product manager, automation group, Tregaskiss. “It’s a great fit for customers’ welding cells and their budgets.”

For more information on Tregaskiss Products, call 1-877-737-3111 or fax 1-877-737-2111 in Canada & USA, write Tregaskiss, 2570 North Talbot Road, Windsor, Ontario, Canada, N0R 1L0. Internationally, call +1-519-737-3000 or fax +1-519-737-2111.

Tregaskiss is an industry leader in the development and manufacturing of MIG welding guns and peripherals, and offers its products worldwide. Its brands include TOUGH GUN™ Manual, Robotic MIG Guns and Peripherals, TGX™ MIG Guns and TOUGH GARD™ Anti-Spatter. Tregaskiss is a wholly owned subsidiary of Illinois Tool Works Inc. (ITW), Glenview, Ill. ITW is a diversified multinational manufacturer of highly engineered components, assemblies and systems.