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Vecna Robotics is the autonomous mobile robot (AMR) company that helps distribution, warehousing, and manufacturing organizations streamline their materials handling and logistics operations. Pivotal™, our proprietary orchestration engine, integrates with existing warehouse management systems for a coordinated approach that maximizes throughput, operational efficiency, and human + robot collaboration. Our robots are backed with 24/7 US-based live support and proactive monitoring for industry-leading 99%+ uptime.

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The University of Michigan Recognizes Dan Patt CEO of Vecna Robotics with Distinguished Alumni Award

POSTED 10/04/2018

Dan Patt, CEO of Vecna Robotics (Vecna), will be honored as a distinguished alumnus of the College of Engineering at the University of Michigan’s Homecoming weekend events. Dr. Daniel J. Inman of the Department of Aerospace Engineering explained, “The award is intended to honor those alums who have significant career achievements.” Patt holds a doctorate degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University and will also be giving a graduate seminar as part of events.

“I’m honored to receive this accolade. The students, faculty, and staff at Michigan force you to challenge your own ideas as well as theirs, to think from multiple angles, ask questions relentlessly, and most importantly to act. Learning is the beginning, acting on what you’ve learned and delivering real results, that’s when you change the world,” Patt stated.

Patt took the helm at Vecna Robotics earlier this year after heading up investment at DARPA’s Strategic Technology Office. He’s brought a wealth of expertise to the rapidly expanding autonomous solutions provider in the areas of applied automation, logistics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and human interfaces.

He recently led Vecna Robotics’ through their first round of funding, partnering with venture capital firm Drive Capital in a $13.5 million investment. Next up, Vecna Robotics is releasing a new look for its self-driving robotic solutions. Vecna will also launch a second website this October delving deeper into their unique AI-driven orchestration engine, Pivot.al, a technology that is poised to revolutionize industrial workflows.

About Vecna Robotics
Vecna Robotics delivers Automated Material Handling, Hybrid Fulfillment, and Workflow Optimization solutions featuring self-driving vehicles driven by a learning autonomy stack. Their solutions are delivering value to customers in the distribution, warehousing, and manufacturing sectors. Vecna Robotics’ unique orchestration engine technology, Pivot.al, allows diverse robot types and humans to work together seamlessly and to flexibly yield an adaptive business solution, capable of meeting the increasingly unpredictable market needs.

For more information visit www.vecnarobotics.com. Follow us on Twitter @VecnaRobotics and LinkedIn @VecnaRobotics

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