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The Bot Brief

POSTED 01/04/2022

Bots in The News:

Bot Index vs. S & P 500The year end graphs below indicate the movement of the components of the Bot Index over the long history of the Index verus the S & P 500. As a special report, the graph below shows the performance of both the Bot Index and the broad market over just the past year. The ranked performance of the component follow the the graph to the left.

2021 Bot Index vs. S & P 500


As noted in the above graphs, the momentum held by the Bot Index versus the S & P 500 had begun to wain in the past year. While the broad market expanded by almost 27% in 2021, the Bot Index rose a mere 20%. Certainly, the volatility of the bots was greater than the steady climb experienced by the S & P 500. The table below indicated the performance of each of the Bot Index components for the past year.


NVDIA Corp                             125%

3D System                                106%

Google                                       65.15%

Textron                                      59.74%

Azenta (Brooks Automation)      52.76%

Tesla                                               49.76%

Oceaneering Intl.                        42.26%

Rockwell Automation                39.09%

ABB Ltd.                                         36.51%

Apple                                              33.82%

Intuitive Surgical                         31.76%

Northrup Grumman                   27.02%

Raytheon                                       20.35%

Lincoln Electric                            19.97%

Accuray Inc.                                  14.39%

OMRON Corp.                              12.26%

Teledyne                                        11.46%

Keyence                                         11.38%

Amazon                                          2.38%

Lockheed Martin                        .12%


Faro Tech                                     -.86%

Yaskawa Electric                        -1.19%

Cognex                                         -3.14%

Fanuc                                            -13.77%

iRobot                                           -17.95%

Hiwin Tech                                  -20.29%

AeroVironment                          -28.62%

NIO Ltd.                                       -35%

Immersion Corp.                       -49.42%

Cyberdyne                                  -55.09%



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