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The Piab journey started 70 years ago by developing progressive solutions for gripping, lifting and moving. More than 65 patents and countless innovations later it is clear that we always strive to improve for the better. This year is all about celebrating our quest of evolving automation – in a lot of different ways. Stay tuned!

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Suction Cups for Every Application and Industry

POSTED 11/03/2017

Whether they are tiny molded plastic parts, glass screens for electronic devices, or large sheets of metal for aircrafts, Piab has suction cups to handle them all. Dedicated to vacuum-based automation, Piab serves a broad range of industries with both their standard and their application- and industry-specific suction cups.

Combining firm bellows with soft and flexible lips made from a specially developed material, featuring the elasticity of rubber and the wear resistance of polyurethane, the DURAFLEX® suction cups can be configured to provide excellent hold on both uneven and porous surfaces and on flat, potentially slippery, surfaces. The material’s durability and elastic memory increase the lifespan of the cups. The material is also mark-free and contains no Paint Wetting Impairment Substances (PWIS).

Piab’s cups are ideally suited for the high-speed unloading of parts with textured or rough surfaces, such as molded plastic parts, and parts made of cured composite materials. Able to withstand high temperatures, the cups help manufacturers to shorten the cycle time for injection molding or curing. They also offer superior stability, enabling precise placement of parts when used in holding or clamping fixtures. This improves the quality of the finished products, and will also result in fewer parts being scrapped, which in turn will improve productivity and reduce costs.

Available in many different shapes and sizes, Piab’s flexible and nimble friction cups eliminate the need for expensive and cumbersome spring brackets/plungers on ejectors or robot end-of-arm tools, resulting in simpler and less expensive installations.

For very specific applications or particularly challenging problems, Piab also has a highly experienced and skilled design team that can engineer custom-made suction cups.