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Stäubli Robotics at Automate 2023: Flexible & Sustainable Solutions for Evolving Industries

POSTED 04/05/2023

Automate, a major event focused on the dynamic world of automation technologies and innovations, returns to Huntington Place Convention Center in Detroit on May 22-25. At Booth #2362, Stäubli Robotics will exhibit advanced robots designed to help manufacturers across industries meet new challenges and market demands.

General industry is ripe for automation, and Stäubli’s standard-setting robotic technologies are always a main attraction at Automate. As manufacturing continues to trend toward more customization, the pressure is on for smaller batches and shorter production cycles. Flexibility is crucial. Stäubli makes this a cornerstone of product development, and its TS2 SCARA and TX2 six-axis ranges of industrial robots readily adapt to applications in all manufacturing environments.

Live demos featuring flexible technology for general industry

Stäubli will host a variety of demos aimed at general industry. A TS2-40 4-axis robot, known for ultra-short cycle times and high repeatability, will carry out a battery assembly process. A larger TX2-160L HDP robot with high dynamic performance and ability to process complex parts will tackle a high-precision laser cutting application with impressive path accuracy at various speeds. Two additional demos include a TX2-60 HE engaged in machine tending, while a TX2-140 carries out collaborative palletizing, highlighting the machine’s safety features and easy programming.

AGVs (automated guided vehicles) have become an important asset in and around manufacturing facilities. Stäubli is a leader in high-payload AGVs. Its portfolio consists of platforms, forklifts and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) known for high-precision omnidirectional positioning and payloads up to 500 tons. Visitors will have the opportunity to see a 3-ton AGV platform with the smallest footprint on the market in action.

Digital transformation taking customer service to the next level

Stäubli will host a training and services cell, illustrating how the company ensures technical support and service throughout the equipment lifecycle. The training presentation will use a pick-and-place operation with a TX2-60 robot, showing how to fine-tune the settings for performance and load with Optimize Lab software. Stäubli will also present SCOPE (Smart, Connect, Optimize, Prevent & Enable), a new digital solution to support the complete lifecycle of its customers’ robots. The user-friendly platform uses data and analytics to enable connectivity, validate systems, and optimize performance, reliability and efficiency.

Specialized solutions for sensitive environments

Stäubli is a pioneer in sensitive environments with hygienic robots for industries such as food and pharmaceuticals. In food, hygienic design and resistance to wash-down procedures are especially crucial in primary environments. Stäubli will demonstrate an ultrasonic cutting process using a TX2-90 HE at the event. Attendees will also see how Stäubli’s Stericlean robots handle pharma applications as a TX2-60L simulates an API handling process, demonstrating its ability to perform auxiliary tasks in a SKAN isolator cell.

There will be additional Stäubli automation solutions to be explored this year at Automate. Experts from Stäubli Fluid Connectors, one of the leading manufacturers of quick connector systems, will showcase their flexible robotic tool changing systems including end-of-arm-tooling solutions and the Multi Coupling System (MCS), which enables quick, safe, simultaneous connection of disparate energy sources. They will also demonstrate the MPS COMPLETE range of quick-to-order modular robotic tool changers, designed for improved productivity in all markets, including aerospace, automotive, plastics and construction.