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Stäubli Showcases End-to-End Solutions at International Cheese Tech Expo

POSTED 04/06/2018

From primary and secondary handling to packaging and palletization, the industry leader in robotic solutions for food and packaging demonstrates its expertise in cheese

DUNCAN, S.C. -- Stäubli, the industry leader in food-grade robotic solutions, will showcase its innovative end-to-end solutions that have established it as the industry leader in cheese handling, production and packaging at the International Cheese Tech Expo (booth #231). The event will be held in Milwaukee, April 17-19.

Automated solutions for the industrial production of cheese create high demands on robotics including direct contact with unwrapped food, the strictest hygiene criteria and harsh cleaning procedures. For several decades, Stäubli has been developing solutions and applications specific to the cheese industry, which has now resulted in a wide range of robots that have been specially tailored to the needs of the industry. Stäubli’s four- and six-axis SCARA robots and Humid Environment (HE) series ensure coverage for every facet of cheese production, from primary and secondary handling to packaging and palletization.

“Our robots are optimized for the food and packaging industry and feature a smooth specially treated chemical resistant surface to eliminate collection areas, very tight seals and pressurization of the arm to eliminate migration of water to the inside of the arm,” said Sebastien Schmitt, robotics division manager, Stäubli. “They also can use H1 food-grade oil and have stainless steel wrists to minimize risks of contamination.”

Production lines for cheese processing and packaging are being automated with food-grade robots to increase productivity and decrease costs. Stäubli robots are used for cheese curd slicing, gripping and moving wedges, cheese slab cutting, bag handling, packing and much more. Stäubli Robotics has been instrumental in helping food processing companies around the world create cleaner, safer and more productive applications without compromising efficiency. In any situation where compactness, accuracy and reliability are required, Stäubli robots provide an ideal solution, regardless of the application.

The robots work in primary and secondary contact areas without covers and are resistant to detergents and cleaning agents. Rather than relying on standard off-the-shelf transmission systems, Stäubli has created a proprietary patented drive technology for its six-axis robots. This creates an enclosed structure with all the cables routed internally, making the robots ideally equipped to handle any food-processing scenario.

At the International Cheese Tech Expo Stäubli will showcase a TX90HE robot in a glass enclosure to demonstrate its ability to work in a very humid environment. The robot will first use an ultrasonic cutter to slice a wheel of cheese and will then demonstrate stacking and de-stacking cheese molds. Finally, the robot will demonstrate a cleaning procedure by washing itself, its end-of-arm tools, and the cell as a whole.

On Wednesday, April 18, Stäubli Regional Sales Manager Marty Albert will deliver a presentation on using robotics in cheese processing operations at 2:30 p.m. The talk is a part of the “Breaking News in Dairy Processing Equipment Innovation” section of the show on stage B.

Stäubli recently extended its range of HE-compatible models. Nearly all six-axis machines as well as the FAST PICKER TP80 are available as HE versions, which makes them ideal for use wherever high humidity, water spray or wash-down scenarios are prevalent.

“Stäubli’s unique design features make it easy for our standard robots to be converted for use in sensitive environments,” said Schmitt. “In the food industry where stringent hygiene standards apply, Stäubli HE robots offer the ideal solution. They can easily be cleaned with detergents and hosed off with water as part of the daily cleaning routine.”

Since 1982, the Stäubli Group has brought its innovation to the robotics marketplace, and today Stäubli Robotics is a leading player in automation around the world. Visit Stäubli at booth #231 to see how its clean, consistent, high-performance technologies protect people, production and investments.

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