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Segway Inventor Gets A TV Series

POSTED 10/26/2010

(Forbes.com) When he was five or six years old, Dean Kamen devised a way to automatically make his bed by affixing pulleys to the corners. More than five decades later, Kamen holds more than 400 patents for inventions ranging from an insulin pump to a robotic arm to the Segway personal transport. "I knew that I wanted to find better ways to do things," he says. And even though he was a poor student and had Attention Deficit Disorder, he "assumed if you worked hard and find a better way to do something, that every once in a while you'll succeed. Every once in a while I did succeed and it gave me an adrenaline rush and the confidence to try another project."

Currently working on new inventions in the fields of energy, environment and medical technology, Kamen will spotlight others' scientific breakthroughs in the new Planet Green series Dean of Invention.

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