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Schmalz is the leading supplier in vacuum automation supplying the entire range of vacuum components and robotic/gantry style vacuum gripping end effector tools. Vacuum Automation Components Innovative vacuum automation components from Schmalz offer reliable solutions for automation and handling tasks. The product range includes suction cups in (14) standard materials and specialty cup lines e.g. automotive cups or cups for the packaging industry. Schmalz also supplies vacuum generators, blowers, electric vacuum pumps, mounting elements, switches and system monitoring devices. Vacuum Gripping Systems Robotic & gantry style vacuum gripping systems from Schmalz provide significant productivity improvements. The range extends from pallet layer size grippers to complete vacuum spiders, delivered ready for connection, for use in all areas of automation. Located in Raleigh, NC, Schmalz Inc. has a National sales force and a network of Authorized Schmalz Distributors in all states

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Schmalz Coanda Gripper - Hands-Free Separation in Packaging Processes

POSTED 10/29/2009

The SCG (Schmalz Coanda Gripper) special vacuum gripper is a new rationalisation instrument used for handling sensitive foils in in-mould labelling processes, separating thin foils or intermediate layers of paper in palletising processes, or lifting Tyvek foils in packaging processes for the pharmaceutical industry.

With the new SCG special gripper series, Schmalz - the specialist in vacuum technology – provides a sophisticated solution for handling sensitive foils in the packaging industry. For example, they can be used to separate extremely thin foils in the area of in-mould labelling – even foils with a thickness of less than 30 μm can be attached to the product packaging, while retaining their shape and remaining undamaged. The SCG allows for “hands-free separation” in palletising processes. This means that intermediate layers of paper or foil are separated even before the gripper makes contact with them, as they are lifted by the suction air current and adhere to the contact surface of the gripper. During this process, the large contact surface completely prevents the sensitive workpieces from being sucked in. As a result, the user benefits from reduced process costs, as there is no damage and no more than one intermediate layer is gripped per cycle. The SCG also shows its strength in packaging and finishing processes in the pharmaceutical industry: separately lifting extremely thin and porous Tyvek foils used to cover filled tubs poses no problem whatsoever. In the process, the controlled exhaust duct allows for handling under clean room conditions and prevents interference from laminary flow systems.

Constructive details for damage-free handling
With its modular design, the Coanda gripper features a large suction surface with multiple suction openings positioned closely together. The resulting large contact surface prevents the notorious “suck-in” effect, avoiding deformation of and damage to sensitive foils. The problem of vacuum suction openings closing by themselves is also avoided, providing the level of gripping and processing reliability necessary for automated handling.

The Coanda gripper is offered as a compact, ready-to-connect gripping unit with integrated vacuum generation. The modular concept referred to above allows an optional blow-off module to be installed, facilitating fast changeover of the suction surface as operating conditions change. Suction surfaces are available with diameters of 40 mm and 60 mm. The direct integration of the vacuum generator in the suction unit ensures high volume flow, which provides for fast, secure gripping – even when only part of the gripper’s suction surface is used or when gripping porous materials.