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Robots and History in the Making

POSTED 12/28/2008

As the year starts for 2009 it is easy to predict some remarkable history in the making. Manufacturing will go through a tremendous upheaval and mark the beginning of a new era in the automotive business. Previously inconceivable amounts of money will be poured into the world economy to fight a global recession. There will be a recovery. Energy will stay in the news. Robots will stay in the news.

People want robots to be approachable. People want robots to be good. Robots don’t want anything, but people will make them seem special and part of a bigger purpose. All that matters is that people are safer and better off around them.

One of the patients at the Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA) began a journey to a more healthy life thanks to first-of-its-kind medical weight loss surgery by a Da Vinci robot. Around the same time but half-way across the world a robot was deployed to the bottom of the sea to recover a severed French telecom cable serving the Middle East.

Good PR is at work to help the world know how robots are helping support our standard of living. Robots are at work in the service sectors, on the front lines with military and first responders, and in the factory where they continue to excel as modern marvels in the amazing world of automation.

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