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QComp is a robotics integrator that thrives on solving seemingly unsolvable material handling challenges for niche industries. Our expertise allows us to understand the unique needs of our customers and collaboratively design and deliver solutions that help them run more efficient.

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QComp Unveils LPSX Technology

POSTED 05/21/2012

QComp’s advanced High Speed Lid Applicator Cell now features LPSX Technology, an innovative inspection feature designed by our customer–focused engineering department to increase productivity of your lid application process.

The LPSX feature allows an operator to inspect the glue pattern on the lid during production runs without interrupting the production process. The operator activates the system by simply pushing the Quality Inspect (or Glue Test) button which prompts the robot to pick the lid and apply glue, then place it on the LPSX system for safe inspection outside the robot guarding. Once the lids are removed and disposed of, the LPSX system can be returned to its normal operating position.

For more information on QComp’s new LPSX feature, call or visit our website.


QComp’s High Speed Lid Applicator Cell provides the highest possible throughput rates and the most accurate lid placement in the industry. The pre-engineered cells apply lids to flexible pouches based on customers’ requirements. We offer single robot cells with pick rates up to 135 picks per minute, and dual robot cells with rates up to 270 lids per minute.


  • Inspection without production interruption
  • Operators can easily inspect glue pattern during normal operation
  • Non-destructive quality checks
  • Safe and convenient
  • Provides opportunity to do random checks


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