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Precise Automation Introduces New Low-Cost, Pocket-Sized Vision-Guided Motion Controller

POSTED 11/02/2010

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an style="font-family: Arial; font-size: 10pt;">San Jose, California - Precise Automation has introduced the Guidance 1400A series, a pocket-sized, extremely low-cost, vision-guided line of multi-axis motion controllers. 

The Guidance 1400A is the latest in the G1400 series of integrated drive motion controllers from Precise.  This controller is based on a distributed network architecture that allows it to be located at the point of use.  The 1400A series includes all of the great features of the original 1400 Series Controllers (coordinated multi-axis robotic motion control, integrated servo motor drives, network communications, machine vision interface) in a low-cost, pocket-sized package, 87 mm by 150 mm by 38 mm.  In addition, the 1400A includes more powerful motor drives (capable of driving two 200W and two 100W motors simultaneously) and enhanced communication capabilities, such as a dedicated MCP interface and RS-485 for connecting to remote IO.T 

The User Interface is based on a web server that resides in the Guidance 1400A, allowing the controller to be accessed from anywhere in the world for easy development, operation, and maintenance.  The software includes a complete set of motion commands, machine kinematics, a continuous path motion planner and trajectory generator, a powerful language with motion commands added to the Basic language, Active X and .Net links to Microsoft software, and an optional machine vision package that can execute in a networked PC. The vision software contains measurement tools and a patented object locator that can locate multiple instances of parts in any orientation, even with cluttered backgrounds.

Brian Carlisle, President of Precise Automation, stated, "The Guidance 1400A Controller is ideal for lower voltage and power motion applications where size and cost are critical.  The controller is small enough to fit inside tabletop machines, eliminating the need for separate control cabinets and enabling extremely small footprint systems, yet powerful enough to effectively drive quiet servo motors in the most efficient station to station motions." 


Precise Automation delivers cutting edge automation technology and leverages years of experience in software, controls, electronic and mechanical design that assists end users and OEM customers to automate with ease. Precise's versatile table-top Cartesian robots come fully assembled and are extremely easy to set up. Our low cost vision-guided motion controllers integrate motor drives in a very compact design that fit inside many robot structures. The multi-axis controller's powerful features allow OEM's to create the applications they want and to produce user-friendly systems. Adding vision guidance simplifies complex problems in locating and identifying parts and significantly improves process reliability by easily accommodating to dimensional variances. Precise Automation's flexible and innovative products serve a wide variety of industries including: electronics, semiconductor, life science, medical products and mass storage.

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