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Patented robotic hand gripper invention miniaturizes the power of hydraulics

POSTED 06/25/2019

Breakthrough application to transform current robotic arms and hands capabilities

Lexington, KY - Quality Manufacturing Inc – Robotics (QMI-R) a Kentucky-based tech start-up that cut its R&D teeth while serving the contract manufacturing and the product development needs of IBM and Lexmark for more than 50 years, is now seeking partners to beta-test the newly released gripper technology or to participate in the global deployment of the total robotics digital hydraulics technology.  Seven (7) years in the making, President and Founder and Chief Technology Officer Jeff Rose’s brainchild, was to surpass the limits and capacity of heavy-costly electric motors by miniaturizing and harnessing the superior lifting power of hydraulics for robots. The laboratory-tested results of QMI-R’s end-of-arm grippers’ capacity and its ability to manipulate large and heavy or small and delicate objects, clearly points to a significant advantage over electric motors and is likely to be a disruptive technology in terms of expanded weight capacity as well as expanded grasping range.  “We are bringing the power and cost advantages of traditional hydraulic equipment to small robotic arms and hands,” says Rose. “While single purpose grippers exist for large production runs that don’t require set up changes, our niche design was to focus on our gripper’s strength and flexible adaptability to meet the growing demands of manipulating small batch production size and weight variations,” he adds.

“Additionally, our patented sensors, which uses an FDA approved liquid, creates a superior geographic profile of where an object is in the robotic hand to give robots the human-like sense of touch.”

Designed to address the escalating costs of heavy lifting
According to the Workplace Safety Index, workers compensation claims are costing U.S business $60 billion plus annually. QMI-R’s value proposition solution will increase human productivity while effectively and safely addressing this crippling $60B “economics of ergonomic” manual material handling (MMH) cost.

Partnership opportunities
Don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of a unique hydraulics disruptive technology. Investor inquiries and prospective beta-testing partner options are now being considered.

Product cost
The current low volume market price of the standalone large robotic gripper is estimated to be approximately $10,000.00.

Current product release status
The large robotic hand has finished the laboratory testing phase and is moving into the field testing - beta phase. The beta test phase is anticipated to last a minimum six (6) months before mass release of the unit application.

Time frame for general product release
It is estimated the national market release of the gripper will be within 6 (6) to ten (10) months after completion of the beta testing phase.

Assembly Target
The goal of the QMI Robotics’ robotic large gripper release is to immediately address the manipulation of large and heavy objects that typically cause human injuries, because no other existing grippers can adaptively solve this problem. However, the larger goal is the adaptive manipulation of objects to perform flexible and adaptive customized small batch assembly and also to operate effectively across a number of material handling applications. Flexible automated machine assembly is made possible by the object localization within the gripper using QMIR’s patented electrochemical displacement sensor and related software. Customization can be accomplished for a number of variables to serve the needs of individual customers.