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New Software Implementation Results in Record On-Time Deliveries with Improved Quality

POSTED 02/08/2011

ATI wins Summit AwardATI Industrial Automation has implemented a streamlined interface to manage each manufacturing employee’s work queue and adopted a more structured, date-driven approach to order fulfillment. The result has been a virtually paperless shop floor, faster manufacturing, and record on-time deliveries. Each work center on the shop floor has a terminal, enabling operators to ‘clock in’ and ‘clock out’ of jobs while having immediate access to any needed work instructions or drawings. John Snead, Mechanical Assembly Supervisor at ATI explains, “These new tools allow us to complete orders much faster with a higher level of quality. All of the information we need to complete our orders is at our fingertips. We can concentrate on the task at hand and not waste time looking for information.”  This new system provides the status of every job, and the workload in each work center enabling management to quickly reschedule and balance workload based on immediate demands. Feedback from employees with direct involvement in the implementation process has also improved morale. Snead explains, “I feel a great sense of pride in knowing that feedback we’ve provided is directly reflected in how these tools were implemented.”

In the process of this innovation, ATI was awarded Consona's Summit Award (Best Overall Use Award) for ATI's successful use of the Intuitive ERP system. Intuitive ERP is the software that ATI uses to track sales orders, inventory, finances, and other information. This is ATI's second Summit Award. In 2007, ATI won Consona's other Summit Award, the Transformation Award, for reinventing its business with Intuitive ERP. This year's Best Overall Use Award reflects ATI's excellence in using multiple Intuitive modules to improve overall business performance, and highlights the company's passion for implementing and mastering new technologies. The Summit Award will be presented to ATI at the Consona Connect 2010 conference in October.