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New piPUMP offers vacuum without the frills

POSTED 11/22/2017

piPUMP23 is a no-frills version of the premium vacuum ejector piCOMPACT®23

Hingham, MA – Piab is introducing piPUMP®23, a powerful vacuum pump aimed at automated industrial procedures involving, for instance, packaging, sheet metal and wood products. The new pump offers the same premium vacuum ejection performance and energy-efficiency as piCOMPACT23, the company’s popular all-in-one vacuum generator. However, not included are the advanced integrated controls and additional features of piCOMPACT23, resulting in a considerably less expensive vacuum pump for customers who might not require these specialized functions.

Fully configurable, piPUMP23 is available with either one or two COAX® SX12/SX42 multistage vacuum ejection cartridges, and can be supplied with or without cleanable and replaceable filters in two optional sizes. The pump can be configured for up to three vacuum connections, making it suitable for a variety of applications and industrial settings. 

Retained from the piCOMPACT platform is Piab’s proprietary Amplified Blow-Off (ABO) feature, resulting in a more efficient, powerful and energy-saving blow-off. By closing the flow-path of the ejectors during blow-off, the ABO feature ensures that 100% of the compressed air is channeled through to the cups during blow-off, providing a very strong and efficient release, which in turn enables faster production cycles. The feature is also useful for floating suction cups whilst positioning them in, for instance, ergonomic lifting aids. Customers might also find this feature practical when cleaning suction cups in dusty environments.  

Simplified and straightforward, piPUMP23 is a powerful vacuum generator that is easy to integrate and install in vacuum handling systems used for, for instance, the palletizing of boxes, and the loading, sorting, and transportation of sheet metal and wood products.